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Pittenweem Arts Festival Fringe

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About the Fringe

The Pittenweem Arts Festival Fringe is a community of Pittenweem, East Neuk and Fife based artists, makers and designers who wish to promote the work of artists based in Fife to the people of Fife, whose support and continued interest in our work has sustained and encouraged us over the years.

We wish to create a festival that encourages a community of young and old alike.

To become involved in the work of Fife based artists be it as artists themselves or as supporters and patrons of our work. We have no elitist agenda and hope that people from all walks of life can become involved in their local arts community.  

A Festival run by the artists , makers and designers.

The Fringe will be run by those that become part of it's growing family of members , and the future of the fringe will be decided by the individuals that wish to support and participate in the Fringe. We would hope to encourage Fife based artists, makers and designers throughout the county and will endeavour to encourage and support attempts to promote their work and development. The site will grow to encompass an area for the artists, makers and designers to advertise their work and where it can be found as well as a members area where those involved can communicate together to encourage ideas and events.

Broad scope of Artists

We would like to encourage creative people living in Fife, involved in any art form, that wishes to engage with it's local community and enhance their local community. If you are from any of the arts community get in touch with your ideas.

There is no cost.

There is no cost to join us, just the love of making or supporting your chosen art form in Fife with the desire to put something back into the communities that allow us to survive and flourish.

Direct contribution to the people of the village.

In this, our fifth year, we intend to continue to contribute funds to the local primary school in Pittenweem, see the "News" section of this website for details about the events and work that has been done at the school with last years funds. In each venue we will have a collection tin for the Pittenweem Fishermans Memorial check out the link to see the work they are doing https://www.facebook.com/pittenweemfmfund/ or their website here www.pittenweem-fishermans-memorial.net/

A Festival showcasing Fife based artists.

We want to welcome artists, makers and designers from all over Fife to exhibit at the festival and to provide beautiful, interesting and affordable works of art to all who interested whatever their chosen art form is. We invite existing artists who already exhibit in Pittenweem and are Fife based, to join us.

Calling all Fife based artists, makers and designers.

We are inviting any Fife based artists, makers and designers to join us at the fringe, whether you already exhibit at the festival or would like to exhibit in the future, to join us.

The home page states our mission and we are keen to expand the fringe and its influence but to do this we need you to join us and bring your work and ideas to the table. We hope to expand the group and are looking for ideas to where we should take the fringe in the future.


We will be working hard to find as many venues in Pittenweem over the coming months that wish to support our ideals and provide space for artists, makers and designers to exhibit and will do our best to help members find space in the village.

This years community contribution.

As stated on the about us page we intend to continue to contribute funds to the local primary school in Pittenweem this year to be used to fund creative supplies and or events for the children. We will expect members of the fringe to contribute 10% of their sales, up to a maximum limit of £100.00, to this village school donation, in other words if you don't sell anything you will not be expected to contribute and if you do well the maximum we will expect as a donation will be £100.00.

We feel it is a core responsibility of the fringe members to contribute something back to the people of Pittenweem for their support, and inconvenience caused, in holding our fringe festival.

Calling venues in Pittenweem.

We are inviting any venues and potential venues to join us at the fringe, whether you already hold exhibitions at the festival or would like to provide exhibition space in the future, to join us.

Venue owners will have a say.

Any venue owners that join the Fringe will have an equal voice as members of the Pittenweem community in the future of the Fringe festival, without you support we cannot develop the Fringe. We also intend to gather a list of artists, makers and designers who are looking for venue space and are happy to allow the venue owners to offer space to those whose work they wish to exhibit.

Venue code

It is important that any venues that join are prepared to support the venue code i.e charging no more than 15% of the artists, makers or designers total sales. By following this code venue holders and artists become mutually invested in the economic success of an artist's show/ career and thus become integral patrons in this success. In this way venue holders become friends as well as supporters of the money Fringe members are able to donate to the school fund. Some venue owners have been kind enough to give space free of rent or charges to allow more money to be contributed back to the village, we thank them for this.

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Join us and make a difference!