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Bobbie Coleman

Bobbie Coleman trained as as a graphic designer but always had an initial interest in stained glass, through various courses in both stained and fused glass over the years, the interest has slowly grown into a passion for creating unique and original handmade pieces of glass especially in the field of 'warm' glass.

She began working exclusively in stained glass work and, with the introduction of a kiln, started working in fused glass work and over the past two years has developed her skills into glass sculpture and paintings, incorporating the various techniques she has learned, along the way, to create unique pieces of glass.

Bobbies inspiration is nature and the beautiful coastal environment of Fife, as a child in Cornwall she loved watching the sea and this is reflected in the 'wave' pieces. Many pieces incorporate found objects such as seaglass, seapottery, shells, driftwood and pressed flowers. The latest work incorporates precious metal leaf and traditional stained glass artists paints and stains and is continually developing her range of work.

All of Bobbie's pieces of work are individual as there are no mass production techniques used, when you buy a piece you are buying an individual piece of glass art.
Contact Bobbie: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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